Media Integration

Upon returning to Singapore in 2018, Quek led operations in digital morgul Buro. Singapore (previously Buro 24/7), and launched the publication's first regional interactive print, Buro. Large, across six Southeast Asian countries with an Augmented Reality cover in April 2019.

The Digital Expansion

Augmented Reality

To experience our Augmented Reality cover and spreads, download Artivive (from the App Store or Google Play). All you have to do is place your phone over the images to the images come alive via the app. It's worth the download, we promise.

Engaging Regional Influencers

More than just a magazine filled with groundbreaking stories, Buro. Large is also about going regional, with the help of seven of the most influential, boundaries-pushing personalities in Southeast Asia, who are pioneering changes in their fields. (Get acquainted with them through the microsite.)

The 360-degree approach

Why a print publication?

Truth be told, we aren't the first digital-focused company to launch hard copy magazines (but we are, especially in Singapore, amongst the first). The latest to explore print media are dating app Bumble and Netflix, following other big guns including Airbnb, Facebook, Net-A-Porter and Uber, who have all launched their very own publications last year. What this means is that we're not doing it just for the novelty, and that we too, understand that print has a way of connecting to our audience the way digital can't.

An Interactive Regional Publication

Staying true to Buro.’s digital roots, we incorporated an Augmented Reality cover, Augmented Reality fashion shoot, exclusive digital and social media content, and cool video pop-ups by working with tech partner Vidy into the entire Buro. Large universe. It is a 360-degree platform that includes a hardcopy issue, a microsite, social media engagements and offline activations. And if that doesn't sound "large" enough, Buro. Large is a regional title, distributed in six neighbouring cities.

Visit the Microsite Here